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“The Live-Aloner’s fight to be accepted in her full humanity is a battle her great-granddaughters (or great-grandnieces) are still waging.”–Dawn Raffel, San Francisco Chronicle

“Though her advice about bed jackets and bubble baths seems quaint today, [Hillis’s] celebration of solitude, independence and integrity is, as Scutts reminds us, worth reviving.”–Linda Simon, Newsday

“Historian Joanna Scutts puts Hillis into the context of her time, in an engrossing book that’s part biography of Hillis and part cultural history of women in 20th century America.”–Constance Grady, Vox

“It may be useful for younger women disdainful of feminism to be reminded of just how crippling and pernicious gender-based restrictions once were.”–Julia M. Klein, Chicago Tribune

“In The Extra Woman, Joanna Scutts makes it clear that somebody was working those fields long before the ineffable [Helen Gurley Brown] stuck in her spade. . . . Part biography, part social history, The Extra Woman is Ms. Scutts’s eye-opening . . . attempt to rescue Hillis from obscurity and to make the case for her as a proto-feminist.”–Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal [paywall]